Meeting the bishop at Mass

Meeting the bishop at Mass

It’s nice to be able to have Sunday Mass with a bishop and especially nice to do so two weeks in a row. For the past two Sundays, Bishop Thomas Muldoon, OFM, the bishop of Juticalpa, Honduras, has been the celebrant at our Mass. I gather he has family who live in our parish—he’s originally from this area—and has been visiting while on his way to Rome.

It’s funny that he just kind of showed up last week with no introduction at the beginning of Mass. I guess it’s assumed that everyone knows Bishop Muldoon because he visits regularly. I had to ask guys at the men’s group yesterday who he is. Melanie and I both remarked on the quality of his homily last week. Lots of good insight and much to think about.

At the end of Mass we’re usually among the last to leave because (a) we don’t start gathering everything together until after the recessional song and (b) gathering up the kids and their stuff takes us some time. So as we were moving into the aisle the bishop was coming back up and he stopped to marvel at the girls and Benedict and say nice things. He remarked at Benedict’s name that he was going to meet the Pope next week. Maybe he’ll tell the Holy Father that he met his namesake. smile

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  • Well, he’s listed online as “Bishop Tomás Andrés Mauro Muldoon, O.F.M.” and based on the Muldoon name and the fact that he was born in Boston, I was guessing that he’s only known as “Tomas” in Honduras.