Meeting Pier Giorgio Frassati in Sydney

Meeting Pier Giorgio Frassati in Sydney


My friend Steve Colella, co-director of the Office for the New Evangelization of Youth and Young Adults of the Archdiocese of Boston, led a major part of the pilgrimage from Boston to Sydney, Australia, for World Youth Day. Part of the celebration of WYD was the unprecedented journey of the relics of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati from Turin, Italy, to Sydney. Frassati was a patron of WYD and the promoters of his cause and Australian WYD organizers wanted to bring him there so pilgrims could venerate and pray for his intercession.

So Steve went to the church where the relics were placed and took some very nice photos of the exhibition, which gives a brief glimpse of his life and thoughts and deeds, as well as the place of veneration and his casket.

I really wish I could have been there, even just for that experience. Wow.


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  • frassati.jpg: Associazione Pier Giorgio Frassati | Public domain
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  • I agree, I would love to have been to Syndney!  Frassati is a wonderful example to the young and the exhibit looks like it must have been wonderful there in Australia!