Marketing anti-Catholicism

Marketing anti-Catholicism

It’s not surprising to find anti-Catholicism in all sorts of places, but I will admit I was surprised to see it on the web site of the American Marketing Association.

The article is titled “The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: Putting the Squeeze on Politicians” and it’s about the nefarious Catholic Church and her greedy tentacles reaching into the heart of America, squeezing the life out of noble politicians who say it’s OK to kill babies and turn marriage into a farce and destroy the family. It’s the same, old 19th-century “Know Nothing” bigotry repackaged for the new millennium. This paragraph is representative:

DEVELOPMENTS LIKE THESE force us to ask to what extent a large and powerful church, synagogue, or mosque has the right to coerce its members in order to influence public debate on issues of public morality. Every time a dominant church group does this, it is turning to the power of the state to enforce its religious or sectarian values, doing so because persuasion of a free people failed. This naturally violates the religious freedom of those of differing faith or no faith.

Sure, the author makes noises about how good the Catholic Church used to be about tolerance of other faiths, but then he makes the Church of today look like an evil monster. Typical anti-Catholic bigotry.

[Hat tip to Deacon Mike for the link.]