Marini out

Marini out

UPI is reporting that Italian Vatican-watcher Sandro Magister says Archbishop Piero Marini is being replaced as master of pontifical liturgical ceremonies. It’s not unexpected, of course, since Pope Benedict has very different liturgical tastes than Marini (and John Paul, for that matter.)

Out will go the “international” Masses so dear to Pope John Paul II’s heart, with such innovations as Latin American and African rhythms and even dancing, multi-lingual readings and children in national costumes bringing gifts to the altar.

Pope Benedict wants to return to the Sistine Chapel choirs singing Gregorian chant and the church music of such composers as Claudio Monteverdi from the 17th century. He also wants to revive the Latin Mass.

I’ve seen such speculation ever since April 19, but if Magister has good sources for this, it could be a sign of things to come. No more half-naked native dancers gyrating before the papal throne, but a return to the beautiful, uplifting, and inspirational sounds of chanted Latin. I wonder how long before it begins to filter down into the GIRM and liturgical legislation.