Major media malfunction on women’s ordination

Major media malfunction on women’s ordination

As usual, leave it to the broadcast news networks to mangle Catholic beliefs and impose a liberal agenda on its reporting. In a report on the election of the first female Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, USA, ABC News’ Dan Harris decided to bring up the Catholic Church and the women’s ordination simulacrum planned for the end of July in Pittsburgh. According to the NewsBusters blog:

Harris just mangled the facts when he turned to claiming “a grandmother in Pennsylvania will be ordained as a Catholic priest…one the Vatican will not condone.” So if the Vatican will not recognize the ordination, is it an ordination? In fact, Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) excommunicated women claiming to be priests. Let’s go secular with this argument. If I decided to buy a microphone and a TV camera, and I put ABC logos on them, am I an ABC reporter? Or does ABC think I don’t need to be officially recognized as an ABC reporter before I go around town claiming to be ABC?

Exactly right. The crux of the question is who gets to decide? Whose has the authority? Can I claim it for myself or does it have to be conferred?

One more time for the mainstream press: In order to be ordained a priest in the Catholic Church, one must fit the qualifications and then have that ordination validly conferred by a bishop in union with Pope. These women’s ordination stunts are just that: publicity stunts. They have no sacramental meaning and these women are not priests. It can’t be done. Period.

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