Loud as we want to be

Loud as we want to be

The usual rent-a-mob of anti-Church protesters have filtered over to the cathedral in the Diocese of Worcester. Also as usual, they’re pretty clueless. They stand outside on Sundays, griping that the bishop is avoiding them when what they don’t realize is that the bishop isn’t there on most Sundays anyway. And of course, no one will pay attention to them unless they’re loud and obnoxious and offensive, so they demand permission to use bullhorns during their protests.

What did the poor people trying to celebrate Mass do to them or to sexual abuse victims? They just want to worship the Lord in peace, without having idiots “warn” their children not to let the priest touch their privates as they’re going in. A friend who goes to Mass at the cathedral said she saw a sign last week that said something about “give Communion, rape a child.” Nice.

And now that the police have asked the protesters, including people from the local chapter of Voice of the Faithful, to turn down the volume on their bullhorns, the ACLU has turned out to defend them. I thought there was a law in this state banning the disruption of worship services. Does anybody believe that if the KKK showed up in front of a mainly black church with bullhorns they wouldn’t be moved along? What about people demonstrating in front of mosques? But I guess racial profiling and hate crimes only apply when it’s happening to non-Catholics.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli