Lots of Feelings, but Little Thinking Doom Penguin

Lots of Feelings, but Little Thinking Doom Penguin

This is where we are. A couple of guys thought they were saving the world by stealing an endangered African penguin from a South African aquarium and setting him “free”. But what they’ve really done is doomed the penguin, who was born in captivity and has never learned how to fend for himself in the wild, and set back the breeding program designed to save the whole population.

The law of unintended consequences strike again. Relying primarily on their emotions and their own sense of self-righteousness, these low information do-gooders have only made things worse. How often do we think that because we have read something online or feel strongly about it, that we’re now experts qualified to talk about it.

I see this all the time in the anti-vaccine crowd or the anti-GMO crusaders and the rest, who become so intransigent in their self-imposed partial ignorance that they reject the truth when presented to them.

Thanks, guys, for killing the penguin you were trying to save.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli