Live in the Shire

Live in the Shire

If you’re a big Tolkien fan and always wanted to live among the hobbits, now you have your chance. You can now buy a home in The Shire. Who knew that the Shire was in Bend, Oregon? Unfortunately, those hobbits know how desirable their little homes are and are pricing them accordingly.

Seriously, This is an actual real estate development, with homes built in an English and Scottish cottage style with knowing nods toward “The Lord of the Rings.” I do think they should have hired the set designer from the movies because the development is a little too ... developed and not organic enough. More Medieval Times than Lord of the Rings, if you ask me.

Still, some of the homes look like good beginnings. Plus I want to know if they’ve replicated the Green Dragon. That might be enough to convince me all on its own.

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  • Wow.  It appears if you wanna live like a hobbit you’d better have some cash!  Cost aside, I think it’d be pretty cool – especially if they replicated the Green Dragon.