Life Teen makes changes

Life Teen makes changes

Amy Welborn reprints part of a letter from Life Teen’s founder, instructing all LT programs to get on board with the recent GIRM changes. However, that’s a little misleading since the changes he makes were all things that were proscribed under the old GIRM. What are the changes?

  1. Teens no longer to enter the sanctuary during the Eucharistic Prayer.

  2. No more ending the Mass with “The Mass never ends, it must be lived, ...”

  3. A period of silence before the start of the Mass.

  4. Music should not distract from what’s going on in sanctuary.

Again, all of these rules were in force before the new GIRM, so why the change now? Evidently Phoenix’s Bishop Olmsted met with Cardinal Francis Arinze to discuss Life Teen specifically, and this was the fruit of that discussion. While Bishop O’Brien (Olmsted’s predecessor) and Cardinal Medina (Arinze’s) evidently tolerated the liturgical funny business, that time is over I guess.

  • When you refuse to rent an apartment to a legally married gay couple…you’ll know it exists then!

  • Well, what kind of argument is likely to get an amendment passed? 

    If you take Phil Lawler’s postion to its logical conclusion you would concentrate on a Constitutional amendment condemning sodomy and authorizing the federal government to “regulate” it by something like the Volstead Act.  Santorum might vote for it – who else?

    What is needed is much stronger action an the part of the bishops and evangelical leaders to build support for the family as traditionally understood.  The politicians are not going to go “over the top” on this issue without strong, unequivocal support from religious leaders.  Unfortunately most of our bishops are in bed with the party of death.

  • Peter,

    Are you saying that if we are persecuted enough, we’ll change our minds and believe Homosexual marriage exists?
    Is our faith only worth the price of rent?

    Marriage can only exist between a man and a woman.  If the government wants to commit an injustice against those who believe this, so be it.  But, I will never recognize homosexual marriage.

    God Bless,

  • I’m saying many if not most catholics have already caved….and the rest of us will probably pay the price…..when we have to make real concrete decisions to obeyh or not obey laws that vilate our faith…yes even here in the US…then we will know whether or not we follow Our Lord.

  • I know that this will bring consternation from some, but I think that it bears saying…..If we are all Catholic if we are all of the same faith, why should we need a specialized Mass?  The Mass is a universal truth and should apply to all.  This truth should not be tampered with nor should “innovations” (abuses) take precidence over solid catechesis.

    Now, that does not mean that having innovative ways of ministering outside of the Mass are a bad thing, but during the Mass, no way.

    Have praise and worship groups.  Have evangelical meetings.  But to be innovative within the Mass assumes that the Mass, in its current form, is something less than that which a teen can understand.  That simply is not the case.

    The KofC’s have Masses, so do Rosary Societies, as well as Leigon of Mary groups, but they don’t innovate.  They simply have Mass and then fellowship afterwards.

    Fellowship is a good thing, but not at the expense of the source and summit of the Church.

    “Life Teen is supposed to be more than some innovations at Mass.”



  • I do have one question.  I’ve heard of problems at Lifeteen Masses.  I used to occasionally go to one when I was in school, and the only certified abuse that I remember was the altered dismissal. 

    Here’s my question:  How was the rest of the Lifeteen program?  I see other events sponsored by the program, and it is used in a parish near here.  Is it orthodox?  Is it substantial, or is it pop-culture garbage?  Can anyone give me an honest reading of it?  I’m just curious.

    Of course, one big indication will be whether they obey the new GIRM, but they should never have been doing the things cited in the letter to begin with.

  • “Once they 221;.  If people want to believe such a thing can exist, we can only inform them otherwise. But their belief, even if sanctioned by law will never make it true.  It simply doesnt’ exist.