Liberals still misleading on Iraq justification

Liberals still misleading on Iraq justification

The Spinsanity blog provides an analysis of how liberal politicians and the media are still misrepresenting the White House’s justifications, specifically that the threat was imminent.

However, as we have previously observed, much of the Bush administration rhetoric in the buildup to the Iraq war argued that Saddam Hussein’s regime was not yet an imminent threat - a phrase that has a very specific meaning of an enemy poised to attack - though the White House did describe Iraq as an “urgent” and “grave” threat.

Some people will dismiss this defense of the the Bush administration as more spin, but it isn’t. People are being very selective in their memories, as many people who once supported the war but had “buyer’s remorse want to justify their own change in positions.

In fact, I think the case for the war as being just has actually improved since the war not decreased and I wish had time to detail my reasons why right now. That will have to wait until I have some free time to organize my thoughts.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli