Lennon cleans house

Lennon cleans house

According to an appeal for help from the heterodox group FutureChurch, Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland isn’t wasting any time cleaning house.

FutureChurch, which dissents from a whole host of doctrines, has itself said that they are being evicted from the parish where they’ve kept offices for the past eight years. But with a new bishop comes fresh resolve. He’s been in office for less than a month, and heads are starting to roll. Or are they?

The cynic in me—burned too many times rooting for apparently proactive bishops—wants to wait and see. Is this just a sacrificial goat designed to appease the conservative activists? Or is it a sign that Lennon will brook no dissent in his new diocese? We’ll continue to wait and see, but the initial indicators are hopeful.

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  • I am not clear on why a group like FutureChurch would be in the rectory basement to begin with.  Their website gives the impression that they are incompetent Unitarians rather than Catholics. 

    I am not convinced they are heretical, but I don’t see much relationship to the Catholic Church, aside from co-location.  Does anyone know any more about this group?