Another snow-related peeve

Another snow-related peeve

Having to deal with all this snow can make you cranky and little crazy so bear with me while I get another pet peeve off my chest. Every year, just about this time, we hear the same line from Massachusetts state and municipal governments: “Our snow removal budgets are exhausted.” Every year! Perhaps if they didn’t perpetually underfund that line item on their budgets, the funds wouldn’t be exhausted every year. This is New England; it snows here every year. When you’re running out of money every January, you’re doing something wrong.

The problem is that snow removal money is variable. You know how much your liability insurance is going to be, or your payroll, or any of a dozen other items, but how much snow you’re going to get in the next 12 months is completely unpredictable. You could get six inches or 150. So when having to do unpopular things like make budgets, the politicians underfund it, pushing the money to other pet projects and when the money for snow removal runs out50 Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:42:47 -0600

I think the folks at the new blog The Thing Is are a little overoptimistic regarding Frances Kissling, of Catholics for a Free Choice, who has said she supports Sen. Sam Brownbacks fetal pain legislation. It’s a no-lose proposition for her: While she gets to claim to be concerned about unborn children, she still supports abortion. All the bill does is require abortionists to tell women seeking an abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy that the unborn child may feel pain. She says as much as that:

t is hard to understand why the senator, who is opposed to legal abortion except in the most extreme circumstances, is introducing legislation that will result in anti abortion terms in tacit cooperation with an concern that the bill is not a genuine attempt to alleviate fetal suffering.

Kissling is no dummy. She’s been at this for years and she understands how to manipulate the press for her own ends. I’m afraid this is another example of the same.

  • No kidding, Dom.  Just look at the sly things she does in that press release.  In the paragraph that you quote, she attacks Sen Brownback in a clever way by, on the one hand, implying that he’s cooperating with abortionists [completely ignoring the notion that pro-lifers don’t reject incremental approaches to eliminating abortion as wrong], and on the other hand of faking compassion [“He really is just one of those moralist, cold-hearted conservative Republicans”].  And in so doing she tries to stake compassion to the masking of pain versus eliminating the infliction of it.  What does she do in the rest of the press release?  Oh, just suggest that if the Senator truly “cared” about the “suffering” of the fetus he would legislate mandatory funding of anethesia for the fetus during the abortion.  (“Young lady, you should know that the fetus might feel pain during this procedure, but we can take care of that with this narcotic, so don’t you worry about that!”)  And what else does she suggest?  Oh, get rid of that thing about mandating that doctors tell woman about the pain with a defined script.  Every woman’s unique and has to be approached differently (best after the abortion has been performed, I’m sure in CFFC’s view.)  Nothing in this shows any real support for the legislation or change on the part of Kissling.

  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that “The Thing Is” blog is a shoot from “The Fact Is” website:

    And you can see that the columnists regarding Fran’s essay are a tad less optimistic.

    Kelly <—squelching all rumors that she was paid for this post by John Mallon wink

  • It is akin to Hillary’s supposed ‘conversion’ on abortion recently, where she claims she wants to seek ‘common ground’ between pro-life and pro-abortion forces.

    While throwing a sop to pro-life supporters she still wants to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare”. Wasn’t that one of the self-serving mantras in the original Roe v. Wade debate? And look what that got us…

    GOR <—-impressed at Kelly’s transparency. Um, the check is in the mail…:)