Kerry uses Reagan against Bush

Kerry uses Reagan against Bush

Leave it to John Kerry to use the death of Ronald Reagan for political gain. Kerry attacked President Bush last week for refusing to allow taxpayer funding of stem cell research that kills unborn children, saying that if only research had been done, Ronald Reagan might not have died from Alzheimer’s. That’s the most cynical ploy I’ve seen in a while.

First, even the most ardent pro-stem-cell advocates admit that it is very unlikely that any treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s will come from stem cell research. Second, while dozens of treatments have been developed or are close to development using adult stem cellsmmunion yesterday.

  • “while bishops look for ways to excuse themselves from doing anything about the scandal he poses to the faithful”

    Thank you, Dom.

  • We’re tired of Kerry.  Let’s just declare the 2004 election won by Bush, and start the 2008 election campaign now.

    Kerry’s political instincts are again missing—promoting the killing of the unborn to harvest stem cells is not a issue that is going to move the “undecideds” who need to move to the Kerry column.

  • “I wonder where Kerry received Communion yesterday.”

    Come on. If we don’t all know it, he didn’t do it. Why waste a good scandal op?

  • Oops! Spoke too soon. I forgot to check with the communion counters at the Globe. They noted that he received communion in Pittsburgh. And…“Kerry not only received Communion at St. Benedict the Moor Church, a largely black parish in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, but he and his wife listened to a homily focused on the Eucharist.”
    Now, I ask you,Dom, what does a priest who gives communion to John Kerry say in a sermon on the Eucharist?

  • He says that the real miracle of the loaves and fishes was that everyone shared what they had and that this is the meaning of the Eucharist, to share it with everyone who wants it.

    I’ve seen enough of that heterodox pap to be able to parrot it.