Kerry outraged by Pope, but oh so wrong on the Constitution

Kerry outraged by Pope, but oh so wrong on the Constitution

John Kerry demonstrates once again that he doesn’t understand the US Constitution. He is mad because the Pope told him that Catholic politicians cannot support giving legal recognition to homosexual unions. So, with the inevitable comparison to JFK, he says the Pope should butt out because the separation of church and state says so.

“It is important not to have the church instructing politicians. That is an inappropriate crossing of the line in this country,” Kerry said. “President Kennedy drew that line very clearly in 1960 and I believe we need to stand up for that line today.” ... “Our founding fathers separated church and state in America. It is an important separation,” he said. “It is part of what makes America different and special, and we need to honor that as we go forward and I’m going to fight to do that.”

Read that first sentence carefully. What he’s saying is that the religious leader of one billion faithful adherents is not allowed to express his religion’s moral teachings. For one thing, he is completely twisting the meaning of separation of church and state to impose a gag order on religion. For another thing, he is imposing what he thinks is an American principle on a worldwide church. Even if the Pope shouldn’t be allowed to tell US Catholic politicians what to do, what about the other 95 percent of Catholics in the world. American arrogance anyone?

  • I just wish high-profile (nominal) Catholics weren’t so consistently flat-footed in interpreting the relationship of Church-State. They sound as clumsy as the most secularist among us.