Keeler dumps Giuliani

Keeler dumps Giuliani

Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore has canceled his appearance at the graduation of a Catholic college because Rudy Giuliani is the keynote speaker. Giuliani is a pro-abortion Catholic.

I applaud the Cardinal’s stand on principle. I just don’t recall bishops in general moving with such alacrity when it was pro-abortion Democrats on the bill. Sure, it’s happened, but usually when it was a minor congressman at a small Catholic college.

I’m also curious that the Cardinal’s quick change of heart came only this week after a protest by the Cardinal Newman Society. Surely the Cardinal has known about this event and who the speaker would be for some time. I’m not saying that Keeler is wrong to cancel his appearance in protest, but that the circumstances raise some other questions.

Am I just being too suspicious of the motives of American bishops in general? Don’t I have reason to be?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli