Keeler dumps Giuliani

Keeler dumps Giuliani

Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore has canceled his appearance at the graduation of a Catholic college because Rudy Giuliani is the keynote speaker. Giuliani is a pro-abortion Catholic.

I applaud the Cardinal’s stand on principle. I just don’t recall bishops in general moving with such alacrity when it was pro-abortion Democrats on the bill. Sure, it’s happened, but usually when it was a minor congressman at a small Catholic college.

I’m also curious that the Cardinal’s quick change of heart came only this week after a protest by the Cardinal Newman Society. Surely the Cardinal has known about this event and who the speaker would be for some time. I’m not saying that Keeler is wrong to cancel his appearance in protest, but that the circumstances raise some other questions.

Am I just being too suspicious of the motives of American bishops in general? Don’t I have reason to be?

  • Guiliani is of course still an extremely popular guy after Sept 11. I’m pleasantly surprised that a cardinal would boycott a graduation featuring such a high-profile “hero,” even if he did so only under a bit of duress.

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  • I’m almost inclined to say that it is better if a Cardinal accepts an invitation, and then refuses to attend.  If he refuses the very first invitation, which was probably given to him privately, it would probably not be publicized. Then we, and the rest of the world would not be aware of the Cardinal taking a stand.  While he may just be succumbing to pressure, it may still have a positive effect on others in similar circumstances.

  • Keeler’s good on pro-life issues, but as a former resident of the Baltimore Archdiocese, it’s all still outweighed by the rampant pro-homosexual stuff going on there.

    Somehow I doubt his cancellation is only on principle.  But who knows, maybe he compartmentalizes his principles – as in abortion is always and everywhere wrong, but homosexuality, weeeeelllll, maybe not so much.

  • I’ve emailed the cardinal to thank him for defending the Faith. Let’s give him our support—-he’s certain to hear from the opposition.
    To Loyola of Baltimore: the cafeteria is closed.

  • Hey Lily, so long as Keeler is in charge in Baltimore, the cafeteria ain’t closed.  Just look at
    (Be sure to look at the gay picnic pictures, they’re just wonderful)
    Then compare the layout of that website with

    Interestingly similar.  And remember, Keeler was the one who forbade ANYONE lobbying for/supporting/speaking in favor of the attempt to roll back “gay rights” back in, I think, 2000. 

    In Baltimore, the cafeteria doesn’t have abortion on the menu, but everything else is available.


  • Dom, Cdl Keeler’s “conversion” has come after B-16’s election.  There’s a certain odor of hypocrisy emanating from Baltimore, which is still a very ‘cafeteria-Catholic’ location.

  • “I applaud the Cardinalusiness of bishops to choose who receives Communion.” 

    This is politics masquerading as orthodoxy – if Guliani had been a Democrat, there’d be a page one photo of the Cardinal with his arm over Rudy’s shoulder.

  • No doubt about it, WB.  Maybe Loyola will invite one of the Clintons next year, and that will really put Keeler to the test.