Karate, heeyah!

Karate, heeyah!

Around these parts, Dunkin Donuts is not just a coffee and donut shop, it’s a way of life. While in other states Starbucks is eating everyone’s lunch in the coffee game, DD (aka Dunky’s, Dunky D’s, etc.) addicts in Massachusetts line up around the block every morning at their local shops (often more closely spaced than fire hydrants) for their fix.

Still, their new commercials, especially “Karateeee, heeyah!”, may just drive me to the Seattle yuppie shop. Yet, it’s so annoying, it’s almost compelling. The surly kids, the really bad hair (maybe they should add “barber shop” to their litany), the minivan, the implication that family life must be a series of extracurricular activities in which the only family time is spent in the car. Ugh.

Yet, I just can’t get the stupid jingle out of my head. Man, I’m so tired.

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  • I wish we had DuDo’s down here in Memphis.  The closest one is 90 miles away.  And its not good. I guess I’m stuck with that Seattle yuppie shop.

  • I love donuts and to my sorrow we do not have a donut shop in our town.  This amazes me because it’s the county seat, containing courthouse, jail, county government offices, sheriff’s dept., tons of lawyers, and so on. 

    I talked to the lady who runs a bakery in the next town over, about opening a location here.  We’ll see!

  • My town (population 20,000) has at least five DDs, with a sixth one proposed.  We have one Catholic parish.  Maybe coffee is the real religion of New England.

  • First, one doesn’t go to DD for the donuts, it’s the coffee.  Mmmmm…

    Secondly, I love that commercial because of the fact that there are so many kids.

    Take that, you population control freaks!

  • The DD donuts used to be much better and higher quality (and bigger).

    Although, Kelly reminds me that when I was a boy growing up in Canton, we had a wonderful local place called Charlie’s Donuts that made the most amazing donuts. We’d pick them up on the way home from Mass and they were a Sunday highlight. How good were they? I still remember—I was about 5 or 6 now—the time when I dropped my donut while walking home and how devastated I was.

    But then DD moved into town, only two doors away and drove poor Charlie out of business.

    I also recall that DD used to be more of a coffee shop with a counter and tables to sit at and get served coffee in real mugs.

    For me, when I do stop in, it’s about the coffee (iced or hot), although I’m much more likely to make my own at home. Being something of a coffee geek, I like to control the whole process for a perfect cuppa.