Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions

There’s lots of discussion over at Amy’s place about the Deal Hudson story and I’m somewhat dismayed at the turn it’s taking. As seems to so often be the case with accusations made in the media that people are assuming that the allegations are true. Apparently, something happened between Deal Hudson and a student, but what it is we just don’t know.

What we have is one side of the story. We have no corroborating witnesses, no evidence, just a tale from a young woman who’s had a difficult life and a settlement paid. Yet, a lot of people are quick to jump to the conclusion that Deal Hudson is guilty of date rape and more. Okay, it’s one thing to be wary. You can’t help but hear the story and wonder if it’s true. Yet it’s so outlandish, so seemingly out of character, you also wonder if it could possibly be true.

Nevertheless, the reality is that there’s not enough information out there for us to know for sure, we’re not likely to get more information, and it does us, the Church, the young woman, and Deal andh is family no good to jump to conclusions about this.