Jesus Christ for sale on eBay

Jesus Christ for sale on eBay

Some idiot, trying to capitalize on the death of Pope John Paul auctioned off the Eucharist he purloined at a 1998 papal Mass in Rome. The guy, who says he’s a non-Catholic received Communion twice that day, consuming one Host and saving the other, shrinkwrapping it like just another souvenir.

A California man, a devout Catholic, came to the rescue, buying the Eucharist for $2,000. (I think buying the Eucharist is technically a sin, although in this case I think special circumstances dictate that the guy was trying to do good.) He said he rushed to buy the Eucharist to prevent it from falling into the hands of a Satanist or witch. Did buying it encourage more desecration of the Eucharist? Who knows? It’s academic now.

Some will say that this is evidence of why Communion in the hand is so bad, but one can just as easily remove the Host from his mouth as he walks back from Communion. Unless the priest (or minister of the Eucharist) is really attentive, abuse can happen in either case.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli