Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Esau

I’m going to do a little “Lost” blogging mainly so I can say, I told you so, when I proven right. smile

Anyway, I think the show has been coming to an interesting climax this season and the producers have pulled off the trick of revealing answers to the questions we have while giving us even more questions to keep us hooked.

If you’re not a “lost” fan, then I’m sorry, but it’s too complicated to explain all this for you so skip to the next blog entry.

In last night’s episode, “The Man Behind the Curtain,” (yet another “Wizard of Oz” reference), Locke and Ben traveled to see the mysterious “Jacob”, also called “the Great Man” who apparently only Ben ever talks with. Apparently he’s also the only one who can see him … until Locke catches a glimpse. In the “poltergeist” scene in the lonely cabin, just as Ben is thrown against the wall and as the camera pans back we see 11 frames of Jacob. Look carefully at the profile: That’s Locke.

And the voice that spoke to Locke, that said “Help. Me.” It was the same voice as Locke in the mass grave repeating it to Ben.

This is what I’ve been saying for weeks to Melanie: Locke is Jacob. He is the man of mystery around whom the island’s secrets revolve.

What about the obvious head of hair on “Jacob” while John Locke is bald? Recall the biblical story of Jacob and Esau. Jacob wore a sheep’s skin to fool his half-blind father that he was his brother Esau and thus receive the eldest son’s blessing. I think something similar is happening here.

So I think this is a Locke from another time, another timeline, another causality, whatever sci-fi mumbo jumbo you want to use.

A couple of other thoughts: Ben’s father, Roger, is obviously “Roger, Work Man” that Hurley and Sawyer found in the VW microbus in the jungle. The “hostile” that the young Ben saw in the jungle was the “Other” Alpert who apparently has not aged a day in several decades. Note that all of the Others are wearing 19th century style clothing and that even their tents are old-fashioned; I think that they are the survivors of the slave ship “Black Rock” that crashed on the island and they haven’t aged since then. Ben’s young friend was probably the woman in the painting in his living room (or maybe it was his mother).

Next week is the season finale. It should be very interesting.

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