It’s never enough for them

It’s never enough for them

Last Friday, in commenting on Archbishop O’Malley’s appointment of a lay committee to review parish closings in Boston, I predicted that Voice of the Faithful wouldn’t be happy, even though the archbishop is seeking lay input, because he wasn’t appointing the right lay people to the committee. I was right.

Suzanne Morse, a spokeswoman for Voice of the Faithful, said the group of lay Catholics sees both his acknowledgement of that broken trust and his appointment of a committee as “a positive step. But it’s just one step.” “Lay people have to be involved beyond just this committee,” Morse said. “That’s a necessary component for trust to be rebuilt.”

It’s never enough for these people. They’ll always want more until they’re the ones making the decisions, re-shaping the Church to fit their heterodox notions.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli