It’s coming

It’s coming

Saddam better take the US seriously. One way or another, his days in Iraq are numbered. Another US Army division is on the move, this time perhaps to Turkey to provide a capability to strike at Baghdad from the north in conjunction with Kurdish rebel groups.

There’s been lots of speculation and angst flying around the blogosphere and on TV and radio, questioning why the drive to attack Iraq. We are often told that war in Iraq doesn’t satisfy just war demands. The problem is that no one but the president and his advisors know all the details and it does no one any good to get all hyped up until the bullets start flying. If an attack on Iraq begins without Bush first giving the American people specific reasons why, then I will be surprised and I will be among those demanding more answers.

But until then, I trust Bush and I suspect that he has specific and detailed intelligence that shows that (1) Iraq was or is involved in supporting terrorist attacks on the US and (2) continues to violate agreements to rid itself of nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons. Attacking Iraq for those reasons alone would fall under just war categories. The other thing I’m sure of is that right now there are US Special Forces and CIA agents in Iraq meeting up with various leaders of groups who want Saddam gone. When the first tanks roll across the border or the first bombs fall from the sky, we’re going to see thousands of Iraqis rise up to demand their freedom from a evil madman. Mark my words.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli