It’s all anti-Catholic

It’s all anti-Catholic

Speaking about acceptable anti-Catholicism, have you heard about the new ABC show “It’s All Relative”? It’s about a gay couple who raised a (of course) normal healthy daughter who falls for a guy from an Irish Catholic Republican family (Republican? In Boston?! Talk about fiction). And of course, the Irish dad is a trash-mouth bigot (played by Lenny Clarke) who will learn to get over his homophobia and get in touch with his sensitive, feminine side and come to accept his son’s gay in-laws. Just more hate TV.

Notice the use of the Republican tag to smear conservatives. Since of course all homophobes must be mentally deficient Republican conservatives.

  • OK, I admit I am not the scholar that most of the “bloggers” here are, but something has been disturbing me, and I must ask all you esteemed ladies and gentlemen:

    Why do we say HOMOPHOBE…

    Don’t we really mean the term to be Anti-Homoism… Like racism, and Anti-semitism.??

    If I am not mistaken, a phobia is a “fear of”.  This is the real slam in the term HOMOPHOBE.  It degrades our courage, saying we are scared of “praticing homosexuals”, not just totally disgusted by their lifestyle, or pitying their moral decrepitude…

    Comments, please???

  • [GOR, it’s probably in the wash. Or in the hamper. ]

    The thing about this show is that it’s supposed to cash in on the tremendous success of the 1970s sit-com “All in the Family.”

    If you watch “All in the Family” (it’s still in reruns), you’ll see that the antangonist, Archie Bunker, is in many ways quite attractive…almost despite himself. And that the supposed “protaganist,” his son-in-law Michael, actually does earn Archie’s nickname “Meat-head” because the character often displays, well, stupidity.

    But in this show, there’s none of that. The Catholic father is shown as simply an evil guy.

    (And, as Mark and others have noticed, it’s incongrous…where did anybody ever find a Republican in Southie? On the other hand, for the past 3-5 years, ol’ Southie has rivaled the South End for its welcoming of well-heeled homosexual men…and their friends.)

    Joe: I’m sure Dom meant to put the word “homophobia” in quotes. It, along with “homophobe” is a non-word.