It was just a few seconds

It was just a few seconds

The all-knowing parenting illuminati that we're always being admonished to listen to are sometimes right with their advice. For example, don’t ever leave a child alone in the bathroom with a tub full of water.

Melanie was filling the tub for Isabella’s bath—which lately we’ve had to drag her into, protesting all the while until she starts playing and having fun—and then stepped around the corner to grab Bella’s towel from the bedroom. She heard a thunk and thought Bella had dropped a toy in the tub.

Not quite.

Thankfully, she went immediately to check and found Isabella had managed in just those few seconds to leverage herself over the side of the tub and into the water!

It was just a brief wetting of her clothes, but it perfectly illustrates the danger of “I only turned my back for a second!” When they say “a second”, they mean it.

Thank God she’s okay, but we’ve had this point very clearly illustrated for us now.

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  • My youngest had a close call at the beach a few years ago. The kids were wading in water that was just a few inches deep, and I was attempting to keep track of all four of them at the same time. I was maybe 10 or 15 feet away from my daughter when it happened…I turned back from checking on one of the other kids and saw her lying face down in the water. I couldn’t quite figure out what had happened and thought that maybe she had lost her balance and fallen over and then got disoriented and couldn’t figure out how to get up again. So I walked over to help her up and found myself in water up to my armpits! The way that the water flowed right there had carved out quite a hole in the sand and she had stepped into it. Good thing she was floating! Anyhow, now I am kind of paranoid whenever we are at the beach. You’re right, it only takes a second. Glad all is well for Isabella!