Isabella’s baptism

Isabella’s baptism

Being a little brain dead right now, I haven’t managed to get baptism cards or “she’s here!” notes or what have you, but I would like to announce that Isabella’s baptism is going to be next Sunday, June 11, at the 10:30 am Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in Salem, Mass.

For all friends and regular readers of the blog who live in the area, please consider this an invitation to come and celebrate this sacrament with us. We’re keeping it relatively simple—no grand party—but we’ll come back to our house after for some coffee and bagels and donuts and some genial conversation. (Perhaps we can even “Irish” up the coffee.)

  • I would go to Isabella’s Baptism and bring my unopened bottle of Paddy’s Irish Whiskey, but I have 7 baptism that I have to do at 1 pm.  May you and your wonderful family be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • I’d also love to go, but will be binating that morning (for a change!  Trination is more often the case!).

    I’d suggest—given your own ethnicity, Domenico—that a little anisette (rather than uisge baugh)—would be a better way to go with the coffee.

    All blessings and prayers to the three of you on this happy day.

  • Doing it quickly – good job!

    A big white sheet cake and a big bowl of sparkly punch (hint: ginger ale and fruit juice) are good for a tight-budget baptismal (or first communion) spread. Also maybe a fruit tray and a cheese-n-meat tray, if some friends offer to contribute . . .

  • MelanieB, there is help for people with your addiction.

    Chocoholics Anonymous.

    1-800-NO CHOCO.

    Remember, admitting your problem is the first step in recovery.

    (And, yes, this is a ficticious organization.)

  • Catholic Stationery – thanks for the link, Jackie!

    Yeah, I know how the choco thing goes, Melanie, but for receptions for sacramental occasions, at least in the U.S., “white is right”. :^)

  • Dom,

    Congratulations on the baptism of your daughter.  At 10:30 Sunday I will be baptizing my granddaughter, Isabella.  I will keep you, Melanie, and your Isabella in my prayers.