Is that a threat or a promise?

Is that a threat or a promise?

Gay priests are threatening to strike and out gay bishops in protest of the forthcoming document on gays in the seminary.

Anticipating the Vatican pronouncement, some gay priests are discussing collectively staying away from pulpits on a Sunday to show how much the church relies on them. Other priests said they were considering revealing their sexual orientation to parishioners. Some are contemplating “outing’ gay bishops who would be called upon to enforce the new guidelines.

Wait, is this supposed to be a bad thing?

  • Bring it on! Would love to hear an interesting sermon for a change, and outing the lavender bishops would finally remove the mutual blackmail that’s been going on.  Isn’t it amazing that a group that has been so ‘chaste’ despite their ‘inclinations’ are fighting like crazy to institutionalize something they don’t do?

  • I would welcome the revelations.  Let’s hope they carry through with their threats!  Maybe we could get back to the practice of the faith once these revelations were gotten out of the way.

  • This would be so great. If the gay bishops are outed they won’t have to submit to blackmail anymore and if the gay priests out themselves we’ll know who they are and will be able to take the necessary precautions.

  • I think they just mean the CONSERVATIVE bishops who are gay.  Not their buddies like the one in Rochester.

    Diogenes predicts that we would be shocked if we were to discover how many of our friends have a univocal tendency.  In any case, PLEASE DO IT.  Whoever goes because of it, we’ll be better off in the end.

  • “I think they just mean the CONSERVATIVE bishops who are gay.”

    All the same.

    I know someone who was in the religious life and this is a key tactic of the Lavender Mafia. Outing is their nuclear option and that is how they keep control over Bishops/Leadership.

  • And there would be no lies about any holy orthodox men whom many love to hate?  This has gotten more than crazy.  It’s diabolical.

  • And who will provide a living for these fools once they rub everyones’ noses in the fact that they are flaming homosexuals?  Not I!

    I guess a militant homosexual is a militant homosexual, no matter what his vocation.  I agree—bring it on!  And let’s smoke ‘em out.

  • Really what would stop any of “them” from outing a holy chaste heterosexual with the lie of being a homosexual?  Very sad, yes, very diabolical.  Let “them” go on strike I guess that would be the only way to see who should be avoided, definitively, if it wasn’t obvious already.

    I love coming to this blog.  It is the best reminder and challenge that I better be praying and fasting.  Keep up the great work, Dom but make sure you are keeping yourself covered by staying close to the Sacraments.

  • I don’t think they would “out” anyone friendly to their cause. 

    It does prove the point that their homosexuality is more important to them than the Church.

  • They would probably “out” those who don’t have the inclination and aren’t on their side.