Is Kerry a CINO?

Is Kerry a CINO?

Marvin Olasky, an Evangelical and editor of World magazine, looks at the question of whether John Kerry is a “Catholic in name only” and notes how Kerry’s dissent from the faith is uniting orthodox Catholics and Protestants alike against him, if recent polls are to be believed.

He recounts Kerry’s statements about his faith from an interview with, of all publications, American Windsurfer magazine:

The senator said: “I am a believer in the Supreme Being, in God. I believe without any question in this force that is so much larger and more powerful than anything human beings can conceivably define.” Sounds more like “Star Wars” than Christ on the cross.

... He has “always been fascinated by the Transcendentalists and the Pantheists and others who found these great connections just in nature, in trees, the ponds, the ripples of the wind on the pond, the great feast of nature itself.”