Interesting Canadian appointments

Interesting Canadian appointments

Bishop_Michael_Miller.jpgPope Benedict made some interesting episcopal appointments in Canada today:

- Accepted the resignation from the office of auxiliary of the diocese of Hamilton, Canada, presented by Bishop Matthew Francis Ustrzycki, upon having reached the age limit.

- Accepted the resignation from the office of auxiliary of the diocese of San Diego, U.S.A., presented by Bishop Gilbert E. Chavez, upon having reached the age limit.

- Appointed Fr. Kenneth Nowakowski of the clergy of the eparchy of Saskatoon of the Ukrainians, Canada, eparchial chancellor, as bishop of New Westminster of the Ukrainians (Catholics 7,835, priests 13, permanent deacons 2, religious 4), Canada. The bishop-elect was born in North Battleford, Canada in 1958 and ordained a priest in 1989. He succeeds Bishop Severian Stefan Yakymyshyn O.S.B.M., whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same eparchy, the Holy Father accepted, in accordance with canon 210, para. 1, of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches.

- Appointed Metropolitan Archbishop Brendan Michael O’Brien of Saint John’s Newfoundland, Canada as metropolitan archbishop of Kingston (area 16,500, population 321,000, Catholics 117,800, priests 84, permanent deacons 18, religious 170), Canada.

- Appointed Archbishop J. Michael Miller C.S.B., secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, as coadjutor archbishop of Vancouver (area 119,439, population 2,453,658, Catholics 429,390, priests 189, permanent deacons 1, religious 259), Canada.

It’s the last one that’s the most interesting to me as Archbishop Miller has been widely regarded as a big success at the Education Congregation, regularly touring the world’s Catholic universities and speaking on the importance of maintaining the Catholic culture and identity of Catholic educational institutions. Here is an address he gave in 2005 at the University of Notre Dame on “Catholic Universities and their Catholic Identity.” Here’s another speech, given at Catholic University of America in September 2005 on “The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools,” including some strong reiteration of parents’ rights to educate their children.

The archbishop was formerly president at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and taught theology there for more than 10 years. He was born in Ottawa and will turn 61 on July 9. He was raised to the dignity of archbishop in January 2004 after being appointed secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education a few months earlier in November 2003.

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  • “Elementary education is, then, “an extension of parental education; it is extended and cooperative home schooling.”[4]  In a real sense schools are extensions of the home.  Parents, not schools, not the State, and not the Church, have the primary moral responsibility of educating children to adulthood.”

    This is radical! Teacher unions and their political supporters won’t like this at all.

    God Bless him in his appointment in Vancouver.

  • aw man, you’re killin’ me.

    Did you forget that he was JUST here at your alma mater speaking to mixed group of Catholic College presidents and academia on the purpose and identity of Catholic Education? His talk was brilliant and his notes outstanding.

    And when I say it was a mixed crowd, believe me. Some folks arrived saying that they never thought they’d ever set foot on this campus.

    And PS they loved us. Maybe not our theology, but the students blew them out of the water. Duh. Teach them the right stuff and they are men and women of excellence.