Information about abortion

Information about abortion

This is a web site that attempts to provide the facts about abortion in pictures and in the words of both pro-life and pro-abortion advocates. It’s pretty comprehensive and a little disturbing when you see it all laid out like that. The capacity of the human heart and mind to justify evil is simply astounding.

  • Dom:

    The site requires a great deal of prayer simply to view in its graphic honesty.  I am overwhelmed by it.  It brings on a strange, eerie silence in the heart and mind.  And a need for tears along with prayers.

    I did forward it to others.  Some, of course, will dismiss it.  But if one soul is touched….

    Thanks and God bless.

  • + This site shows the vulnerability of the women walking into the clinics, which is important for us to remember. Even if we cannot be there on a regular basis, we must pray for the men and women who can go as couselors and even silent witnesses for the babies. How they must be tempted by YKW to do something else. They are so valuable. Thanks.