In the forum: Dutch abortion ship

In the forum: Dutch abortion ship

In the Discussion Forum, Joe brings up the pro-abortion slant in a NY Times article about the Dutch abortion ship going to Poland. For a Catholic viewpoint on the story, see this CWN story.

  • What can be done to help Poland not to follow Ireland? Tthe key is developing the tools quickly to deal with the onslaught of media savy folks seeking to strip this new EU member from its faith. Ireland is in the process of falling. They still have a large infrastructure of religious and devout lay folks, the key is to give them the tools to counter seductive attacks on the faith.

    What a wonderful thing it would be if they could give an example to the world of a productive, compassionate society that is wholly Catholic and modern in the best sense of the word. John Paul’s writings would be the cornerstone of such a society.