Illinois report complete

Illinois report complete

A lawyer hired by the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, has found a whole lot of misconduct by priests and the former bishop.

The investigation confirmed serious, but not criminal, misconduct by eight priests in the diocese, four of whom were named in the report.

Serious, but not criminal. Now what would that be? Were they off having affairs with women?

They are Msgrs. Eugene Costa, John Renken and Kenneth Steffen and Lucas’ predecessor, Bishop Daniel Ryan. Costa, Renken and Steffen all held leadership positions under Ryan and were pastors of parishes in the Springfield area.

I’ve heard of Costa before. He used to be the vicar general until two young men beat him nearly to death in a park because he allegedly propositioned them. And Bishop Daniel Ryan’s peccadilloes have long been documented by the group Roman Catholic Faithful, right down to the men alleged to have lived with him.

Incidentally, as you read through the article look for the word that’s missing. It’s the elephant in the sacristy. Sure you see brief mentions of men soliciting other men, but nowhere is homosexuality stated as a cause for the sexual misconduct, what in an earlier age would simply be called sexual sin. Notice also that every single case has to do with homosexuality. Not a ingle case of heterosexual misconduct is mentioned.

Apparently, according to the report, Ryan surrounded himself with like-minded fellows, elevating them to positions of importance in the diocese. You’re seeing evidence of how the Lavender Mafia forms.

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