Ignorance masquerading as opinion

Ignorance masquerading as opinion

The liberals just don’t get it. The editor of a local newsweekly complains at the crackdown on a pro-abortion Catholic politician who was told she couldn’t be in the parish choir because her pro-abortion, pro-gay stance. Typically, it’s all seen in relativistic political terms.

Interestingly, the only sympathetic Catholic voices in the article are the leaders of the local Voice of the Faithful chapter who see no problem with a public figure opposing fundamental moral issues as part of their public role. All they’re doing is continuing to show the true face of VOTF.

The author also imparts error in the article: “Interestingly, while abortion remains a hot-button issue among Catholics, the death penalty, which also is a violation of church doctrine, continues to receive little mention.” Sorry buddy, but you should consult your catechism. The death penalty is not a violation of Church doctrine, not the way you think.

  • I have had several conversations about this and am amazed at how many people are siding with the pro-abortion, pro homosexual marriage politician. I’m hearing lots about “not judging” and all that.

    It doesn’t suprise me that most catholics are ignorant on the church’s teaching on capital punishment. I’ve never heard a priest speak of “grave instances”. I do hear intentions for the “end of the death penalty”.

    Of coarse maybe they do know the teaching but have taken it like most catholics have taken teachings on birth control.

  • Where is the Bishop when these heretical statements are made. Can’t he get quoted and the offenders duly rebuked?
    OK, I like to hope.

  • People like to quote some scripture passages but apparently are ignorant of others, apparently.  We are not supposed to participate OR CONDONE sins silently.  I wish people would read scripture……