If it’s Monday, there must be rumors

If it’s Monday, there must be rumors

I know that some of my critics disdain even the hint of rumors, but when they’re flying around they need to be addressed. CNN is reporting that Bishop Sean O’Malley of Palm Beach will be appointed to Boston tomorrow. Just last year Bishop O’Malley was appointed to Palm Beach from Fall River, Mass., after two successive bishops were removed for allegations of personal misconduct. That may seem like a short time for him to be in the Florida diocese, but remember that Cardinal O’Connor was only in Scranton, Pa., for only a few months before being sent to New York.

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  • Actually, now that I know it’s John Allen I give the rumor more currency. He’s been wrong before, but not too often. He has fairly good contacts.

    And the AP is now reporting that a senior Vatican official told them an appointment is “imminent” and that O’Malley is one of those being considered. I have a feeling it’s coming tomorrow.

    As far as the settlements are concerned, my view is that they’re further away from a settlement than ever. When the archdiocese said “we have something to give you, oh wait not we don’t” they really ticked off the lawyers and plaintiffs. I don’t think they’re buying the waiting game anymore.

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