Either the people at PETA are complete idiots or they are geniuses at media relations. They have offered the town of Hamburg, NY, $15,000 to change its name to Veggieburg. It seems that once every few months PETA gets its name in the papers for another outrageous and ridiculous stunt or claim. There was the one that claimed that Jesus wanted Christians to be vegetarians. Another one that pictured Rudy Guiliani with the slogan “Got cancer?” blaming milk for cancer. And on and on. One of the worst was when the PETA leader compared the poultry industry with the Holocaust.

So either they really believe this garbage or they just say it to get their name out their. Of course, getting their name out there may not do them any good since people who hear it now think they’re a bunch of loonies. I just think they all live in Idiotburg.