Idaho priest says Yes to gay marriage

Idaho priest says Yes to gay marriage

An Idaho priest, Father W. Thomas Faucher, has written an op-ed in the Idaho Statesman newspaper, publicly dissenting from the Church’s teaching on, what else, homosexuality.

Specifically, he charaterizes a proposed constitutional amendment to prevent the creation of the legal fiction known as “same-sex marriage” as “an anti-gay movement.” He also says that “recent Vatican statements and writings have shown a very strong anti-gay attitude from top church officials.” He says that the Legislature is not allowed to legislate morality, and that contrary to what the Church teaches, gay marriage would actually strengthen marriage and family life.

Perhaps the only true statement in Faucher’s whole column is this one: “But I have not always been particularly wise ...” I won’t disagree with him there.

A Bettnet reader wrote a letter to Faucher’s bishop, Bishop Michael Driscoll, alerting him to the op-ed and informing him of the scandal to the faith that he has caused. Driscoll’s response was to forward the letter to Faucher and make no response directly, thereby implicitly endorsing Faucher’s heterodoxy. Faucher’s response was more of the same inanities.

The readers asks whether he should forward the correspondence on to the apostolic nuncio in Washington, DC, Archbishop Pietro Sambi. Not only do I think he should do so, I think he has a duty to do so. Canon law gives all the faithful the right to appeal to their pastors when they see evil creeping into the Church. And if the local bishop does nothing, then he can and should “take it up the line.”

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