I confess my meme

I confess my meme

Patrick Coffin has tagged me with the “I confess…” meme (or to use his neologism, he “memed” me.) So here goes:

I confess I have no idea how this meme works, how many “I confess” statements to make, and how many people to tag, so I’m going to wing it.

I confess that I find animated shows with off-color humor such as “American Dad” and “Family Guy” hilarious and I’m ashamed to admit it.

I confess that I’ve been told that among certain heterodox Catholics I am the second-most hated person after Cardinal Bernard Law and ahead of Archbishop Sean O’Malley.

I confess that I openly revel in that knowledge.

I confess to tearing up at sappy TV and film moments, even as I recognize that the writer, director, and actor are manipulating my emotions.

I confess I love to play certain computer games (simulators like “Railroad Tycoon” and “Tropico” and “Civilization”) and would play them a lot more if I had time.

I confess that a lot of the time during graduate school I was supposed to be reading the great works of Catholic theology, I spent playing “Marathon.”

I confess that I don’t read as many Catholic blogs as I would like (there are 785 of them in St. Bog’s in a recent count!) and find myself trying to catch up on a whole list of them once per week. (Although the top ten get checked everyday… and no I won’t risk offending anyone by listing them.)

I confess my nickname in high school was Stump. During one CYO ski trip, a group of us were having chicken fights in the hotel pool. (If you don’t know what those are, this explains it.) My friend Mark was on my shoulders and no one could knock us over. Mark exclaimed, “He’s the human stump. He took root in the bottom of the pool!” (Mark was that guy in our group of friends who gave everyone their nicknames.)

I confess that I own Kenny G CDs. And I confess that I like them.

I confess that I can do accents of perhaps a couple dozen different countries, including Ireland, Scotland, a couple of different ones of England, India, Italy, France, Australia, China, Mexican, and (for Patrick) Canadian. Eh?

I confess that until a few years ago I pronounced “awry” as “aw-REE”. And that I laughed at the female sideline reporter at a professional football game last season who pronounced it the same way before a national TV audience.

I confess that I consider Alton Brown to be a culinary role model as food/cooking science geek and the best thing on Food Network. Although I admit Rachel Ray is cute and perky, too.

I confess that I think all the Japanese female celebrities on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef” look, act, and sound (although it must be the same voiceover woman) alike, right down to the constant giggling.

I confess that when disco music comes on, I do the silly looking and very nerdy white-man chair dancing thing. And it makes Melanie want to crawl into the back seat of the car or under the table at the restaurant. And I do it because it makes her react that way.

I confess that I once thought “Be Not Afraid” by the St. Louis Jesuits or whomever was incredibly soulful and moving music. I confess that I once thought “Joshua” by Joseph Girzone was an incredibly deep and moving book. I was young and callow when I was young and callow.

And now I tag Kelly Clark and Dale Price with this meme. Have fun.

Update: Figures that the week I confess is the week “Family Guy” goes too far. Irreverent is one thing, blasphemous is another. Adios from my Tivo.