I am in Mac geek heaven

I am in Mac geek heaven

  • Is that a work machine?  I dream of being able to use a Mac at work – not likely as being a Windows developer.

    You got it just in time because they finally released a patch for the latest aluminum keyboards.  I had to change my batteries every week before.

    I for one am a fan of the Magic Mouse despite the stupid name.  It is even better when you use 3rd party software to give it more features.

    Happy computing!

  • Yes, it’s for work. I’m transitioning to doing a lot more new media work and so my boss agreed I needed a machine to do that work more efficiently.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the wireless keyboard. I miss the extra keys of the full-size keyboard.

    I think I like the Magic Mouse too. I’ve already got the MagicPrefs installed but hasn’t really dug into how it works.

  • I also use MagicPrefs with my Magic Mouse, nice to have a Middle-Click and a way to open Expose.

    It did take me a while to get use the mini keyboard.  Having used large Microsoft/Logitech keyboards with a million keys before.  Surprisingly though I have become quite efficient with us once I got used to using the fn key for the other keyboard items.  It really makes transitioning from my Mac Pro to my MacBook Pro transparent since it is basically the same keyboard.  I never thought I could like a keyboard without number keys, but it has forced me to really learn the top row keys instead.  Though I still can’t see what Steve Jobs has against number keys on the wireless keyboard – they had them for the wired one.  Though the small keyboard will be awesome with the iPad as far as portability goes.

    It does seem to me that as iMacs get bigger Apple peripherals keep getting smaller.  A 27” Screen with a tiny keyboard and mouse does not see proportional.