How the blogs are covering it

How the blogs are covering it

Trey Jackson  notes that CNN’s blog roundup yesterday highlighted several pro-Pope blogs, but also included a few that were critical, either of the Pope or the news coverage. Amy Welborn was prominently featured. Interestingly, Fr. David Connell, president of Catholic University of America, had some harsh words for blogs, in general, not just on the topic of the Pope’s death. He thinks they’re uncivil. I wonder what blogs he’s been reading.

Meanwhile, Peter Vere was on MSNBC yesterday, and mentioned Mark Shea.

Looks like the Catholic blogs are finally getting in gear on this (I was wondering where everybody was over the weekend), and getting good solid information out there to counter misinformation, heterodox punditry, and downright anti-Catholicism both online and on TV.

  • Hey, can I shamelessly ask for posts about the Pope and youth at my blog?

    I’m not sure if this is odd, especially because we don’t know who the next Pope is and I believe I’d want the kids to be faithful to him, but I also want to ensure that current youth get who this man was before they believe the press and some of the stuff that will inevitably be said about him.

    They are the generation who -yes only knew this Pope, but will now be subject to those who opposed John Paul II, those who will feel free to speak loudly now that he is dead. (boy I still have a hard time saying that).  His mind was so sharp and he left us with such a wealth of wisdom that we will be unfolding for a very long time-time in which they will be becoming college students, teachers, parents, priests,etc.

  • I too was surprised at Fr. Connell’s comment. I sent him an e-mail asking him what blogs he regularly reads, and suggested several good ones, including yours of course.

  • For us locals, I wish Jay Severin of 96.9 read blogs… he has been focusing on John Paul II and his response to the crisis… and his radio show for the past few days has been very painful to listen to…