How many active VOTF?

How many active VOTF?

A reader writes with regard to all the data on Voice of the Faithful’s membership:

The Globe article says their survey had responses from 1,300 “members” nationwide.

In their most recent election (Nov-December 2004), 1596 “members” cast ballots (and I was one of them!) [Dom says: In other words, they’re not all “members.”]

In their previous election (late 2003, results announced January 2004), 1,048 “members” cast ballots

What’s this say?!? 

I guess if it were me, I wouldn’t even give them credit for 28,000 members.  It’s more like a thousand and change who actually give a hoot enough to vote in an election.  Compare this vs the Knights of Columbus with nearly 11000 councils and 1.6 million members.