Here’s an idea: offend your target audience

Here’s an idea: offend your target audience

Karen Hall, who as a professional writer and producer of TV shows should know, offers her take on the controversial “Book of Daniel” show.

The problem is that there is no typical Christian family on network television, therefore, there is no context and “The Book of Daniel” can only be seen as Hollywood’s idea of Christianity.

If every African American character on television was a drug dealer, or if every Muslim character on television was a suicide bomber, imagine the public outcry.  And it would be an appropriate outcry.  Yet there is never a depiction of a Christian on television unless he or she is a serial killer, an adulterer, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a child molester—or, at best, just a garden variety hypocrite.

... I would argue that the last election was the mother of all focus groups.  The box office for “The Passion” was a pretty good indicator of what the audience wants to see, too.  How on earth do people who supposedly want to have a big hit show look at those two things and say, “I know!  Let’s make a show about a pill-popping Christian minister with a gay son, an alcoholic wife and a promiscuous daughter!”

I still stand by my prediction that the show will not last to the end of the season and will be canceled due to low ratings.

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