Hear me on Sirius today - UPDATED

Hear me on Sirius today - UPDATED

I will be on the Sirius satellite network’s Catholic Channel (159) this afternoon at 5:40 Eastern. The show is The Catholic Guy and it’s hosted by Lino Rulli. They have a segment called “The Daily Blog” and today I’m it. If you’re a subscriber, give it a listen. And welcome to all the Catholic Channel listeners.

Update: So that was fun. Lino is a high energy guy! smile We talked about the genesis of this blog, the Catholic Blog Awards, why so many Catholics like Star Trek, the fact that I’m a Tolkien nut, about Melanie and what she thinks of the blog and how it chronicled our courtship, wedding, marriage, and first child; and whether I worry about repercussions for being an outspoken blogger. For those who listened to the show, here I was the first to break the story of Lino getting his own show on the Catholic Channel. And if you’re into food and cooking, you may want to check out my other blog, In the Kitchen with Bella.

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  • Lino Rulli is pretty fun. I have done his show three times and will be on again Thursday at 5:00.  I wish I had Sirius just to be able to listen to all the Catholic bloggers he has had on (besides hearing Lino).