Mass. bishops speak out on stem cells

Mass. bishops speak out on stem cells

The bishops of the four dioceses in Massachusetts are speaking out against embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR). The Legislature is debating a bill that would set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to fund ESCR, which kills unborn children. And while they claim it would not allow human cloning, what it really means is that children would be cloned, but killed before they could be born.

Supporters of the bill are still promoting the Big Lie that ESCR could cure all kinds of things like Parkinson’s. Not true. Most scientists doing research in the field say it is extremely unlikely any treatments will be developed for Parkinson’s or the other big-name diseases whose names are floated about.

The bishops, meanwhile, used the Holy Father’s battle with Parkinson’s as the backdrop for the plea for respect of human life.

“The world ... has been deeply affected by the profound moral witness of Pope John Paul II, who struggles with Parkinson’s-like disabilities and yet continues to plead with scientists to pursue research only through ethical means,” the bishops write in today’s edition of The Pilot, the official newspaper of the Boston Archdiocese, calling on Catholics around the state to persuade lawmakers to vote against the proposed legislation. “We join the Holy Father’s appeal to members of the biotechnology and scientific communities to turn away from research that is both unethical and unnecessary,” the statement said. ‘‘Science does not have to kill in order to cure.”

Meanwhile, scientists doing research on adult stem cells>

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