Guerilla art on the Taj Mahony

Guerilla art on the Taj Mahony

“Church sign a billboard? No, it’s art”

When people talk about seeing holy signs, they don’t usually mean “Your Ad HERE” on the side of a church.

That 50-foot message, visible to thousands of commuters on a nearby freeway, was projected Wednesday evening on a dark portion of the bell tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

The sign was gone within hours, but the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese was not amused.

... However, the sign wasn’t really trolling for advertisers. It was a guerrilla art piece by James Cui, who included a telephone in the projected image.

“I’m flattered you noticed,” the 28-year-old Highland Park graphic artist told the Los Angeles Times. “I hoped I was hitting a lot of people with it.”

Cui uses a laptop computer and a video projector powered by a portable generator to cast his images on blank walls.

Perhaps if the Taj Mahony was not a giant blockhouse with long expanses of smooth concrete devoid of any architectural or artistic interest, the projection of the image would not have been so successful. Wouldn’t it have been ironic if he had projected a beautiful, traditional image of Catholic artwork?

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