Grave concerns

Grave concerns

  • My stepfather, whose mother is buried in a Catholic cemetary, has remarked in the past that the upkeep is terrible there (as opposed to the secular cemetary where my grandmother is buried at). Anecdotal evidence, for what it’s worth…

  • It seem that the Church has become the political whipping boy for MA. politicians.  The RCAB may have earned this distinction, but even form this distance I feel a pang like someone is insulting my mother.  This concern, which seems to be justified, could have been handled quietly.  As I said, whether earned or not, this bulling and public thrashing of the Church in Boston is unseemly.

  • This is what we call “grandstanding”.  In New York, you see this when politicians complain about some consumer outrage by dry cleaners, deli owners, etc.  You can always identify the targets as being the least politically powerful and not having many friends in MSM.

    So the Catholic Church in Boston finds itself among the company of parking lots that damage cars, gas stations that overcharge, groceries who sell expired milk, etc.

    When you go looking for this stuff you always find it, why then in the universe of all investigative areas for which there have been complaints was the spotlight pointed at Catholic cemetaries.

  • Yet, I have heard complaints from certain pastors and others in the archdiocese about the way the cemeteries have been run, so despite my disdain for Galvin and suspicision that this is both payback and preparation for a run for governor, there might be something to his claim.

    I doubt it. I’ve been to many of these cemeteries and find them extraordinarily better run than the secular cemeteries my family members are buried in.  As Jason, says, anecdotal evidence. Perhaps.

    The Globe found “several” toppled headstones and “some” lawns not mowed. Do you know how many graves there are, totally, in this Archdiocese’s cemeteries?

    Patrick’s said it. It’s called “grandstanding.”

    And Dom? The Rizzuto connection doesn’t wash for me. Yeah, I thought about the Deacon at first—if you’re a Bostonian Catholic, “cemeteries” and “Rizzuto” still are automatically connected—but the connection, if you’re trying to make one and I can’t see if you are or aren’t, is ‘way far fetched.