GOP=American Taliban

GOP=American Taliban

If George W. Bush is elected the Constitution will be repealed and the US will become a theocracy, if a New York Times op-ed is to be believed. That’s because he will appoint more Supreme Court justices like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas (God willing!) that the writer, Adam Cohen, cast as dictatorial, racist, anti-woman, anti-gay fascists.

This kind of fear-mongering on the editorial pages of the “newspaper of record” shows just how desparate the liberals are getting. I think even most conservatives realize that any nominee for the court must get through Senate approvals, and that most of the current pro-abortion friendly court were nominated by other Republican presidents.

The left likes to set up conservatives as caricatures or straw men, whether it’s John Ashcroft or Scalia or Thomas or Bush himself. In their estimation, such men are only a shade different from Hitler or Hussein or bin Laden, and I think they actually begin to believe their own baloney. I take it as a good sign that the left is so fearful; it shows they think they’re losing.

  • In the next life we can ask the aborted children if they thought the NY Times had the correct perspective.

  • I think I am beginning to understand why there is so little balanced perspective at the New York Times.

    The liberals who run that paper think conservatives are evil, fascistic, theocratic nut-burgers.

    If I thought that about those with whom I disagrees I wouldn’t want them in my workplace either. Especially if that workplace generated a product that influenced what people think about the major issues of the day.