GOP test

GOP test

Fr. Rob writes that the Samuel Alito Supreme Court nomination is a test for the Republicans. Will they stand behind a nominee who’s looking more and more like a solid originalist who doesn’t see the right to privacy enshrined in the “umbras” or “penumbras” of the Constitution?

The Left is lining up its big guns, so will the Republicans stand firm and act like a party that has a majority? I hope so, but they’ve rarely done so before now.

  • I heard somewhere that John Roberts would not get even 60 votes to confirm and that there’s no way someone with a longer track record could be confirmed.

    Do you still hold those positions, Dom?

  • I believe (and you can check on this and correct me if I’m wrong) I said that Roberts wouldn’t get 60 votes and someone with a longer track record couldn’t confirmed unless the Republicans got their heads out of their butts and decided to act like were the majority party, or something to that effect.

    But I’ll admit I’m wrong if you show me I said something different.

  • >>unless the Republicans got their heads out of their butts and decided to act like were the majority party

    Ah, the caveat for the one who derides the arguments of those he disagrees with and then refuses to admit that he was wrong.

    I suppose the 22 Democrats and Jumpin Jim Jeffords who voted for Roberts were all Republicans who “got their heads out of their butts”?

    The exchange on the Roberts nomination:

    NDC: People such as myself are suggesting we would gladly trade a few votes for confirmation for a little less uncertainty.

    DB: A few votes for confirmation will be the difference. It sounds like youmment_author_IP>
    2005-11-20 14:12:26
    2005-11-20 18:12:26
    So even confronted with your own words, you won’t admit you were wrong, and you get all snitty.  Maybe it’s that time of the month ….

  • Yes, you’re right and I was wrong about a conversation I don’t remember having and a point you’re making that I have no clue what you’re talking about. I don’t remember the blog post you’re referring to or the comments you’re quoting. I asked you to provide a context and you give words out of context without a link to the blog post and I’m supposed to remember it.

    But if you want somebody to blow smoke up your butt and call it sunshine, then I’ll do it for you if it will make you happy.

    Evidently, the conversation was much more important to you than it was to me because I don’t remember it. So if it’s that all fired important, I’ll put in big letters: YOU ARE RIGHT. I WAS WRONG. Happy?

  • The Roberts vote and the Alito nomination both directly contradict your previous assertions.  Don’t play dumb.  Or maybe you’re not playing ….