Goodbye to Father’s artwork

Goodbye to Father’s artwork

Speaking of the power of the blog, it looks like Fr. Michael Parise has removed his nude-man artwork from the web site of his parish, St. Andrew in Billerica. (Although they missed at least one link from an interior page; I’ll credit that to an oversight rather than malice.)

That’s a good start, although Parise’s personal web site containing the same art is still available. That’s okay by me in general. Although I don’t think nude art itself is objectionable (as someone pointed out, the Vatican museums are full of nude art), Parise’s “Man Emerging” series veered very close to inappropriateness and having that artwork on a parish web site crossed the line. Combine that with the advice columns he posted on the topic of homosexuality and other clues we found online and it’s difficult to argue that there is an innocent explanation for all this.

Let’s hope this isn’t just a case of the problem being swept under the rug, dealing with the obvious, public face of the issue while failing to deal with the underlying problem.