Good News

Good News

  • Wow, not what I expected.  I assumed that the “Yay!” link would lead to an article about the imminent release of the Motu Proprio!  smile

    Anyway, congratulations!!!

  • The second I saw the one word posting, I knew!

    Way to go, Dom & Melanie!

    What does Bella think?

  • Congratulations!

    We had 4 in the first 6 years.  I experienced repeated conversions with each arrival.  Each brought joy and a greater trust in the Lord.  “How am I gonna pay for all these kids?” was the wrong question.  “How can I love and sacrifice for this family” was more on the mark.  With joy, stress, forgiveness and prayer our kids are in college or almost there, after a life of homeschooling and love.  Each has the faith.  Each loves God.  Way better than the pursuit of the dollar.  Way better than the engineered “us four, no more” pattern of the world. 

    You will have great peace in the hands of God.

  • Yay, way! Or should that be “Way yay”? Anyway, will pray! 

    Maybe it should be “Oy Vay”……. wink

    Congrats, Dom

  • Great news!!!

    Very clever announcement, by the way, but then we knew that both of you are more than bright.

    May God bless you all. 

    No wonder Melanie hesitates over dinner choices—probably having those icky moments presently.