Good Catholic teacher colleges

Good Catholic teacher colleges

A reader writes:

Our 10 y.o. homeschooler is convinced that she knows enough about how education works that she should become a teacher on order to save all the poor “school kids” from the failings of institutional learning. Furthermore, she wants to go to a “real” Catholic college, so she can meet a nice Catholic boy, who wants kids in quantity. I support all of these goals, even if I am not sure that she can save education from institutions. So – what are the best “real” Catholic universities that offer education degrees? She wants to start working on admission requirements when we plan next year’s curriculum for homeschooling. N.B. she means by “real” just what one would hope, no St. Louis Jesuits need apply. Googling got me a lot more hits than content. Maybe ya’ll know or could spread the question around.

To start off, I know that Franciscan University of Steubenville offers degrees in education, as does the University of Dallas, as Melanie tells me. Anyone know of anything else?

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