Good article, bad editing

Good article, bad editing

The Boston Globe has added to the list of media outlets doing interviews of Christopher Blosser and the Ratzinger Fan Club web site. Good for him, I’m glad he’s getting the publicity and the traffic which can only be good for all Catholic bloggers.

However, I’m mainly writing to nitpick the Globe‘s really bad writing and editing.

Nitpick Alert!

Check out the following direct quote in the first sentence of the penultimate paragraph.

“He must of been impressed by him and put up this website,” said Philip Blosser, who converted to Catholicism in 1996, one year before his son.

What’s wrong with this sentence? “Must of”? Don’t they mean “Must have”?

Obviously, Philip Blosser said “must have” and the reporter wrote down “must of”. I see this very common grammatical error all the time, especially in email and on web sites. Ask Melanie about it: She sees this in her freshman English composition papers. But in a major metropolitan newspaper? The English language is deteriorating fast, folks. Pretty soon we’ll be communicating only with IM lingo: “C U l8r, k?”