Going to the dogs

Going to the dogs

My friend Paul pointed this one out. Read this article about a bunch of pit bulls being rescued from a now-condemned house where they being trained to become fighting dogs and were found near illegal narcotics.

It isn’t until the 7th paragraph, second from last, that we discover that also being kept in this house of qualor were two toddlers and a bedridden 86-year-old woman. And this story isn’t unique. All the news coverage has focused almost entirely on the “poor” dogs and how badly they were treated. Meanwhile, at least three other people were also being kept in squalor and mistreated, but the media decided to focus on the dogs. Once again, animals are more important than people.

  • The parents were drug dealers, had lots of money around, and could afford to keep lots of dogs and buy trash bags full of pot. That’s not poverty; it’s criminal neglect. And of course the children were placed in foster care, since their parents were arrested. But the fact that the article doesn’t say it shows the lack of focus on the condition of the humans to spend more time on the condition of the dogs.

  • Now don’t you know that the animals are more important Dom, for shame have you not been getting your daily doses of the mainstream media output? I mean, Human are less valued that even car in this society, if you would believe what the media would like us to.
    It was not poverty but neglect and I bet if you asked the older person they could tell you just how valued they and the children were by those that were praying to thier gods of money and drugs.

  • “These people may have had money, as you say, but wealthy and propserous people don’t park lawnmowers and motorcycles in the house.”  When Those wealthy worship the gods of money and drugs they do. Have you ever gone along with the social services or the cops on patrol Todd? If not you should, those that worship these gods have put things above the value of life and they would very well park lawnmowers and motorcycles in their homes, and they have the very latest in electronics and any other thing that they have a interest in. The Dogs are there to protect what is theirs and that is the same reason that these people use their homes for a parking lot.  If you have never been around anything to do with that type of life then you don’t realize how different the thought process is from those of us that are honest and work for our lifestyle. It is a whole different mentality. And Before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about I will say that yes I do, I have dealt with and worked around these people for over ten years, there is not much that I have not seen.

  • As usual, you miss the point, Todd. I’m not saying the condition of these people is the fault of the media. My point doesn’t depend on your definition of squalor.

    The fact is that children and a bedridden elderly woman were living in deplorable conditions, but the media have chosen to focus on the dogs’ living conditions rather than the living conditions of the helpless children and old woman.

    Sheesh, just like you to start an argument about a completely different point I wasn’t making.

  • Only poverty of Spirit. Seen this too many times not to know that they just value certain things more than others and the one thing they value is their “things” more than Life. And yes the media is at fault for focusing on the animals more thatn the humans. You would not have seen this happen even ten years ago, the media has done it’s job in a great way to ensure that society has become jaded and focuses on the defensless animals instead of the inhumanity done to the kids and the elder adults. I’m sorry to say that I find it very disgusting to listen to someone talk about how helpless animals are when we compare the treatment most humans give to each other then you are talking about inhuman and absolutly disgusting treatment. I have seen things that would make these liberal jakels turn inside out rather than to admit that it was wrong and then to have them complain about the treatment of animals makes me pray for their souls, because they have truley sold their soul if they can ignore the treatment that we “civilised” humans give to each other and just accept that it is okay to kill unborn and helpless to satisfy their ideals.